Sunday Setlist, January 17 2010

Yesterday we continued our Games People Play series with “Family Feud”. Of course it started out as a tv game show but it did morph into a board game later on. We dealt with the subject of conflict in church and also family relationships.

You can see my entire worship flow chart by clicking here.

I started off with something funny…a clip from The Office, the episode titled Conflict Resolution. It was about a two minute clip with Michael trying to negotiate a conflict between Oscar and Angela. The process for getting this clip ready was quite intensive. First, I downloaded it from ITunes. From there, I thought that QuickTimePro would let me trim it to where I wanted it to, and then I could just import it into my presenting software. No deal. Quicktime won’t even let you edit Itunes video clips you purchased. GRR.

So, what I did from there was play it on my Dell (ugh, that made the process even more intensive) and use Screen Capture to capture the section I wanted. From there I edited it down on my MacBook and imported it into my software. (side note: if you know of a way to edit ITunes purchased video on a Mac, let me know. )

Anyway, it took longer than usual to capture it on my Dell because the quality of the video was so high that the capture was choppy. I had to make the playback window so small to where it would play back smoothly from the recording….that took time and some experimenting.

Our set list was as follows, after the video:

As for Me and My House (The Family Prayer Song)

Blessed Assurance (done in a different meter, very heavy on acoustic guitar for a new feel)

How Great Is Our God

Great Is Your Glory (Vicky Beeching…our people LOVE this song)

From the Inside Out (Hillsong)

I used James 4 and Romans 5 to talk about how we were in conflict with God because of our sin, but were rescued “at just the right time.

My friend Kent sang Revelation Song for a solo…it was a great day.

We ended up closing the service with a decision song: What a Friend Have in Jesus….a good song showing we are not in conflict with Him but He has chosen to call us friends.

This post is part of an ongoing series over at The Worship Community, called Sunday Setlists…check it out here.


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