Sunday Setlist, January 31 2010

Today we kept going through our Games People Play series with the game Jeopardy. It was a busy day because it was family Sunday; all the young kids were sitting with their parents. We designed the service to keep things moving and keep their attention.

I chose to start the service off with a drama, even knowing full well that some people would walk in late. I get weary of sacrificing a good spot for a drama or something poignant just because people are going to be late. It’s like we train them that the first five or even ten minutes is just extra fluff that doesn’t matter by simply sacrificing a song just so more people can find their seat, late.

So we dropped the house lights to black right at start time and began the drama- with the full Jeopardy theme music and everything. I built our graphics on the Jeopardy game show theme, and the drama was a great way to focus people on the theme of the day…Families in Jeopardy.

We had things broken down into seven minute segments in order to keep the kids attention. Check out my worship chart here to see how things went. None of our songs were back to back, except for two.

The song set was:

Made to Worship; Love the Lord; Forever; the Doxology (it was great to rock this one out- people didn’t see that coming); You Never Let Go; Jesus is the Answer; We Will Dance (exit music).

During You Never Let Go, we did an illustration with the next generation of musicians and vocals walking on and taking the adults’ place. One by one they came and took over our positions and by the end of the song, the adults were off stage and it was all the youth band leading. It was a great illustration of future leaders and raising up a next gen for Christ.

I acted more as a production manager this morning out of necessity and never sat down for more than 5 minutes at a time, but it was a great day.

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~ by dgergely on January 31, 2010.

2 Responses to “Sunday Setlist, January 31 2010”

  1. Hey dad. Thanks for using my picture I found.

  2. Don-

    My name is Jeremiah Stivers and I am a graduate of KCC (KCU) also. I graduated with a degree in Contemporary Worship in 2008. I am currently in Naples, FL serving at Naples Christian Church. I found your blog on worship community, but I had heard about you before from Deakins. Thanks for the worship leading tips on previous posts. You can check out my blog at

    God Bless

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